The Body Intellect Program

The Body Intellect Program

The Body Intellect is a patented methodology developed by the World Wushu Champion, the artist of Cirque du Soleil (the most popular and exotic circus in the world), and a successful actor all in one, Anton Alekseyev. His goal was to develop child physical abilities to the fullest potential, instill in them a love of physical activity for life and have them physically and mentally ready for doing any competitive sports of their choice.

Here what we mean when speaking of the combination of three elements and applying it to child physical development:

INTELLECT (I): We teach children to develop a conscious approach to exercise, focusing not on quantity, but on the quality of each exercise since the harmonious body development starts with an understanding of what it is for and with the aspiration to grow

ARTISTRY (A): using acting games and techniques, we help the children express themselves and feel comfortable within a group. We use such acting techniques that help children relax, gain selfconfidence and feel free to show their skills.

MOVEMENT (M): through special series of exercises, we develop in children strength, flexibility, speed, endurance and agility. Our classes include elements of various sports, such as Wushu, gymnastics, yoga, acrobatics, trampoline, as well as various games. We strive to instil in children the love of working out and the habit to live an active lifestyle.

The Body Intellect training sessions:

  • designed for children from 3 to 12 years
  • good for any skill level
  • provide individual approach to each child, even during group training
  • held in fun and energy filled atmosphere where chil-dren come with great pleasure.

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