Group classes for children

For children

We teach children to approach sports consciously. We have children focus on quality of each exercise rather than on quantity, making sure a child understands what a particular exercise is for and what results are to be achieved. The habit of clearly understanding what you do and what for you do it will help you live a harmonious and successful life.

Our classes are designed for any skill level. The classes are focused on comprehensive development of children using the Body Intellect signature program. Our training includes elements of Wushu, yoga, acrobatics, gymnastics, trampoline and active games.

Using games and acting techniques during training, we foster positive emotional level, so shy students become more relaxed, confident and sociable while natural leaders faster unlock their potential.

The artistic atmosphere make it easier and more fun for children to open up new opportunities.

Once a month, we play laser tag and prove the kids how cool active games could be compared to the virtual ones.

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Academy of Children's Physical Development