Our classes are focused on comprehensive develop-ment of child's entire body. It is crucial in childhood to develop and reinforce vari-ous groups of muscles to ensure a proper skeletal for-mation and internal organs development. We help children develop vital skills, such as strength, flexibil-ity, speed, endurance and agility. In addition, it is im-portant to motivate children to practice sports and to develop their full physical potential by not forcing them, but leading and encouraging them to do so. For this purpose, we use a unique combination of physical exercises, games and acting techniques.

Completing all the levels of physical development at IAM Academy would be a great foundation for going into any sports of your choice and for achieving faster results.

It is important to lay a proper and strong foundation in a child, so that a child would succeed in particular type of sports and achieve great results in case he/she chooses to go pro. Focusing on only one type of sports from an early age, a child starts to develop specific muscle groups while other muscles are left undeveloped. As a child gets older, this will result in a slowdown of his progress in the selected type of sports or inability to achieve the desired results, as well as increased risk of injury.

Moreover, focusing exclusively on specific sports at an early age, it is easy to discourage a child from doing sports at all, especially if this specific type of sports has not been chosen based on child’s individual capabilities.

Besides this, much depends on a child’s character and his/her mental readiness for doing sports. Therefore, in the IAM Academy, we work with children, taking into account all the aforesaid factors. We help parents solve a relevant issue of assessing their child’s physical abilities and determining the type of sports to be preferred. Attending the IAM Academy, a child will be exposed to a great number of exercises from various sports while our certified coaches evaluate future opportunities for each child physical development.

We do not do large tournaments; however, we do in-troduce the competition process to the children in our regular classes.

During our trainings we use relay races, team games, and different tasks for kids, and then decide the winner. Once a year, we hold a festival for the purpose of child assessment and a wrap-up of what has been learned by the children. Also, we reward children for their achievements yearly (every single child gets a prize and a gift from the IAM Academy).

The BI program is designed for children from 3 to 12 years.

We offer a special age-appropriate program for kids from 4 to 6 years.

We do have morning and evening classes for adults. Reservations should be made in advance.

In a year, your child will be able:

  • to do five push-ups in the correct position;
  • to do handstand;
  • to do one quality pull-up or a pull-up drill in proper technique;
  • to learn a proper breathing during training;
  • to understand the necessity of warm-up and stretching, as well as the right ways to do them;
  • to perform basic tricks on the trampoline;
  • to do basic stretching and flexibility exercises;

This basic list of skills can vary in length depending on the number of hours of training, doing homework, and any personal health limitations.

For the first class, you can bring your child in any sportswear you like. Have your child wear socks or ballet shoes during training. Later you can purchase the IAM Academy branded uniform with the company logo. All the IAM Academy cloth-ing is made from high quality fabrics, beautifully cut and very comfortable for working out.

We place children into groups based on their skill level, but children in one group are no more than two years apart. We make sure that children feel comfortable while exercising as well as while communicating with each other.

Our classes are taught by highly-skilled coaches who have backgrounds in professional athletics and hold at least Candidate Master of Sports title. All of the in-structors have an extensive coaching experience in-cluding teaching kids. Each IAM Academy coach completes the Body Intellect certification courses. In addition, each coach is subject to identity check and each of them gets interviewed by a psychologist. The most important is that our coaches sincerely love chil-dren.

According to IAM Academy policy, parents are not allowed to attend classes for the reason that this cause a distraction for both the trainee and the coach. The exceptions are open classes and trial classes.

Yes, they surely can, and it will definitely benefit them. Our program consists of several levels which include exercises of different purpose and complexity. Once children pass the tests at one level, they can move to the next level right away. You may also want to consider private lessons which are designed to accommodate your schedule and your goals. It is common for kids and teens who do sports to seek for additional training in order to improve their results.

Some of them lack strength and endurance, some need to improve flexibility, or speed, others need to get in shape after off periods, etc. With smart planning, we design lessons to fit your personal needs. We can also provide you with a coach of a particular sport upon request. In this case, the classes will be held on our premises and under our control.

It depends on the type of injury. You need to provide us with the official doctor’s opinion and recommenda-tions, and then we will make a decision.

The child must be active every day. Just a few hours of physi-cal activities a week is not enough even if the child takes clas-ses at the IAM Academy. The amount of time that modern children spend in a seated position is simply incomparable to the time they stay active.

For this reason, it is vital for a child to exercise at home. We recommend special exercises that are easy to do at home, and we give our students homework. We approach homework in a creative way, so the kids have fun doing their home assignment.

We explain parents how they can motivate their children on doing physical exercises without forcing them to do so. You can find self-practice exercises on our website.

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