About the Academy

IAM Academy is a school for children's physical development based on a unique Body Intellect methodology, which is based on three important elements: INTELLECT, ARTISTRY AND MOVEMENT. The first letters of the three important components are contained in the name of the Academy (IAM).

  • We provide the complex and harmonious physical development of children and teenagers aged from 3 to 12 years.
  • We do not focus on the number of exercises performed, but on the correctness and consciousness of the movements performed.
  • We pay special attention to team games, which help children to acquire communication skills.
  • We promote an active lifestyle for children by arranging sports trips to the country, having fun cele-brating holidays and birthdays, organising special programmes for the holidays and other events.
  • We will prepare children physically and morally for participation in any professional sport.
  • The IAM Academy coaching staff are professional athletes and qualified specialists at the same time; under their leadership, children are guaranteed to achieve expected results.
The IAM Academy Mission

To help parents to bring up a healthy, comprehensively developed and successful generation through an intellectual and creative approach to a child's physical development.

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Academy of Children's Physical Development