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A weekend away with the IAM Academy is:

  • A great opportunity for children to have a fun, enjoying an active and healthy weekend;
  • A change of scenery which will help children to de-compress, get a boost in energy levels and make new friends;
  • Fun BI workouts designed to improve teamwork skills, sense of direction, problem solving, obstacles over-coming, and ability to analyze teamwork results;
  • Great health benefits as children will be spending most of their time outdoors, with no access to their gadgets. Stretching, relaxation and good sleep are an important part of daily routine;
  • An adventure where kids get together not just for train-ing and active games, but also for spending the rest of their time during the day together. These are the joyful moments that are remembered for life.

Favour your kids with an active weekend away with the IAM Academy! Staying active is the best way for kids to rest.

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